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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Kelly urges his urban brothers to respect women in the prayerful “As I Look Into My Life.” He asks forgiveness and wants to restore relationships on “Heaven if You Hear Me” and “I Can’t Sleep Baby.” “Trade in My Life” points listeners to God for guidance and comfort (“The Bible says He’ll watch and prepare the way . . . Thank you Jesus for being the head of my life”). However . . .

Objectionable Content

With a smattering of profanity, this disc confuses love and sex, often using Christianity to justify hormonally charged behavior. “Intro-The Sermon” claims, “Even the Statue of Liberty wants to bump and grind. Can I get a witness?” Euphemisms fly everywhere. The hit single “You Remind Me of Something” likens a woman to a car, a jeep and a stereo system. “Hump Bounce” expresses a desire for cheap sex, as do a number of smooth tunes designed to lure young women into bed (“Step in My Room,” “Tempo Slow”). “Down Low” speaks of smoking marijuana, and portrays the Quran as a book of truth.

Summary Advisory

Believe it or not, this disc isn’t as offensive as Kelly’s 4 million-selling 12 Play-but it’s still way out of bounds with its disturbing blend of sexuality and spirituality.

Bob Waliszewski
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