Happy People/U Saved Me


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

The upbeat “Weatherman” forecasts love, joy and happy homes. God factors into social healing on “If I Could Make the World Dance,” “Love Street,” “Happy People” and “Diary of Me.” Hurting souls who receive God’s grace include a drug dealer (“U Saved Me”), a girl being abused by her boyfriend (“Prayer Changes”) and the artist himself (“3-Way Phone Call”). Kelly contemplates his own wretchedness and the Lord’s forgiveness (“How Did You Manage”). He seeks guidance from the “Spirit” and is set to take a “Leap of Faith.” “When I Think About You” marvels at God’s greatness, while “I Surrender” hands Him life’s reins.

Objectionable Content

A few mild profanities. An unmarried man imagines “making love” to his girl and being a psychic (“If”). Materialism mars “Red Carpet (Pause, Flash).” “The Greatest Show on Earth” is a sexual proposition.

Summary Advisory

R. Kelly had more Top-40 hits in the ’90s than any other male solo artist. They included “Sex Me,” “Feelin’ on Yo Booty” and “Bump n’ Grind.” Headlines about sex with minors and kiddie porn followed. For the most part, these 21 tracks reflect a “holy different” attitude. Pray that this is the R. Kelly we’ll be getting from now on.

Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton
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