It’s Your Call


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

The title track and others (“For Herself,” “Will He Ever Go Away”) call unfaithful partners to account. “Straight from You” finds Reba demanding of her man, “Now I’ve been told you’ve gone and let me down/I need to hear it straight from you.” “He Wants to Get Married” communicates a standard of commitment and “teaching values.”

Objectionable Content

The hit “Take It Back” appears to condone unmarried cohabitation (“You talked me into movin’ in and giving you my key”).

Summary Advisory

In this follow-up to her 2-million- selling album, For My Broken Heart, Reba empathizes with those stinging from broken relationships. Still, she doesn’t hold out a lot of hope, except in “One Last Good Hand” and “For Herself.” With only minor exceptions, a good overall selection.

Bob Waliszewski
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