Feels Like Today


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Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

With Romans 8:28 optimism, a man sees how God can “Bless the Broken Road” of failed relationships on the way to true love. The jubilant hit “Feels Like Today” finds the singer turning a corner after a lengthy funk. Love songs honor special ladies (“The Day Before You,” “Where You Are”), regret not doing so (“Then I Did”), and pledge lasting love while assuring a woman that makeup merely conceals her natural beauty (“Fast Cars and Freedom”). “I’m changin’ from the inside out,” proclaims a guy who, after paying last respects to someone who failed to live life to the fullest, decides to face fears, love with abandon and leave his mark on the world (“When the Sand Runs Out”). On “Holes” a jilted man hits his knees in prayer. “Oklahoma-Texas Line” states, “Ain’t it funny how the good Lord outdoes Himself sometimes?”

Objectionable Content

A getaway weekend in Las Vegas lacks marital context (“Break Away”). “Here’s to You” mentions Coors Light and a concert attendee who had a few too many. Alcohol numbs heartache on “Holes,” which alludes to a man punching a wall in frustration.

Summary Advisory

Rascal Flatts returns with more energetic southern harmonies, lyrical optimism and respect for God. Unfortunately, where Feels Like Today departs from the band’s last disc is its inclusion of alcohol.

Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars
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