Come Clean


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A man separated from a good woman yearns for her company (“Blurry”).

Objectionable Content

Miserable with heartbreak, a guy repeats the f-word and s-word on the self-pitying diatribe “She Hates Me.” Profanity also mars “Out of My Head,” which reveres friends who “always act so dirty.” On “Nobody Told Me,” the artist blames everyone but himself for his problems. Similarly, “Drift and Die” asks with wistful angst, “Who’s to blame for my mistakes/I don’t know.” “Bring Me Down” puts stock in karma and warns people to “be good” or else baby Jesus will eat them. The singer moans about being a “loser” and experiences hallucinations as those around him smoke crack (“Said”). On “P-ss It All Away,” he admits to alcohol and drug use. “Control” uses sadomasochistic imagery to imply a power struggle. The CD cover shows a young child with his pants down, apparently urinating.

Summary Advisory

Discovered by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, the four guys in Puddle of Mudd have a defeatist attitude toward life and use harsh language to express it in their lyrics. Drug references only make things worse. Soiled psyches won’t get any whiter from Come Clean.

Bob Waliszewski
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