Off The Ground


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Looking for Changes” promotes the ethical treatment of animals. Society is rallied to “make the best of all we have and more” and love one another in “C’mon People.” “Peace in the Neighborhood” imagines a world where the “best thing I ever saw was a man who loved his wife” and people were “helping each other out.”

Objectionable Content

Depending on how the song is received, “Biker Like an Icon” could serve to justify rebellious behavior.

Summary Advisory

Mostly upbeat and optimistic in lyrical tone, McCartney celebrates the beauty and tranquillity of nature, the need for peace on earth and other sentiments reminiscent of the Beatles’ “peace and love” era. With only minor flaws, a good overall pick. (SEE ALSO: Beatles, The)

Bob Waliszewski
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