Flaming Pie


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Somedays” ponders the meaning of life, concerned for “those who live in fear.” The artist relates his reformation from an unprincipled past, advocates maintaining a positive attitude and credits God with the masterpiece of Creation on “Used to Be Bad.” “Souvenir” pledges to “ease the pain” of another and love that person “like a friend.” McCartney wrote the comforting lullaby “Little Willow” for the grieving children of a friend who passed on. Other tracks convey confidence and optimism about life (“Great Day”), and express deep affection (“Really Love You”).

Objectionable Content

Minor. Stray lines allude to “praying to the voice inside,” “making love underneath the bed” and “smok[ing] a pipe.”

Summary Advisory

Every so often, a disc comes along destined to bond teens and their boomer parents. Enter the former Beatle and his Grammy-nominated, predominantly acoustic effort, Flaming Pie. Positive messages far outweigh its few negative hiccups. Listen for artistic contributions from Steve Miller, Ringo Starr and ELO’s Jeff Lynne.

Bob Waliszewski
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