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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Crazy Baby” shows compassion for a close friend struggling with unnamed emotional problems. “One of Us” croons “God is great/God is good,” but . . .

Objectionable Content

. . . That contagious hit song also perceives coming “face-to-face” with God as a negative if it means “having to believe in heaven, Jesus, the saints and all the prophets.” Spiritually confused at best. Relish also contains grim, moping tunes like “Dracula Moon,” “Let’s Just Get Naked” and others that endorse escaping into sex and drugs. Mild profanity punctuates these dreary themes.

Summary Advisory

Osborne’s vocal interpretation of her often obscure poetry drips with attitude and angst. In her press bio she says, “Sexuality and spirituality are so closely related that to me, it’s not a contradiction . . . to put the two right next to each other in the same song.” What god is she worshipping? Teens tempted to spice up their music collections should save their money and hold the Relish.

Bob Waliszewski
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