19 Naughty III


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content


Objectionable Content

Multiple partners and oral sex are encouraged on “Cruddy Clique” (“f- any b- who can hang out with a cruddy clique”). “Knock Em Out Da Box” conveys disrespect for the home (“f- your family!”) and rallies new recruits for gang violence (“follow in my footsteps . . . my goal is disaster”). “The Hood Comes First” and “Sleepin’ On Jersey” inspire loyalty to friends, but at the expense of others including police and politicians.

Summary Advisory

Profanity pervades this tribute to rebellion, gangsta violence and sexual misconduct. This number-1 R&B disc differs very little from the group’s self-titled debut, which sold more than a million copies. Awful stuff that can only benefit society as landfill.

Bob Waliszewski
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