After the Storm


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A two-timing cad gets the boot (“Ain’t Gonna Cry No More”) and the contrite singer pledges to make up for romantic miscues (“Breaks My Heart”). “That’s My Man” defends and praises a heaven-sent partner.

Objectionable Content

In an opening skit, a motorist is shot dead for telling Missy Elliott to turn her rap music down (“Intro”). “So Gone” finds a scorned woman eager to hunt down and beat up her man’s mistress—and welcome him back with open arms. Sex is a matter-of-fact part of dating relationships throughout this project. On the fairly descriptive “Get It Off,” guest rapper Dirt Bag propositions and proceeds to bed the singer. “Don’t Gotta Go Home” features DMX as a “father and husband” coping with domestic strife by agreeing to yet another adulterous rendezvous with Monica, who lobbies him to leave his wife. “I Wrote This Song” pays homage to a crook (“I know he makes his dough illegally/That’s how he’s taking care of me/I respect the fact that he’s chosen that life”). A girl’s heart belongs to a jailed con man on “U Should’ve Known Betta,” once again suggesting that criminals make good boyfriends.

Summary Advisory

“That’s My Man” talks about having spent many nights praying to Jesus. The R&B singer even has a tattoo of the Lord on her arm. So why all of the lyrical love for thieves and other ladies’ husbands? An immoral downpour. Take shelter from Monica’s Storm.

Bob Waliszewski
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