Da Real World


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Religious Blessings– Outro” says, “There’s One higher . . . in God we must trust.” But . . .

Objectionable Content

That same cut identifies the Lord as the power behind her obscene, violent, drug-laced lyrics. Riddled with f-words and other gutter language, Missy’s World features explicit references to oral sex (“You Don’t Know”) and promiscuous behavior (“U Can’t Resist,” “Dangerous Mouths,” “Stickin’ Chickens”). The artist’s ideal man carries a handgun on “Hot Boyz.” Seven other tracks glamorize violence (from blasting someone at close range to slitting a man’s throat). One of them, “Busa Rhyme,” finds guest rapper Eminem proudly abusive to women (“Punch a b–ch in the nose till her whole face explodes/There’s three things I hate: girls, women and b–ches”). Even Elliott degrades women–herself included–by calling them “b–ches” and “hos.” She may be trying to defang misogynistic males by borrowing their lingo, but the term is no less contemptuous. Eight of these songs promote alcohol and/or marijuana (referred to as “blunts,” “philly,” “funk” and “ganja”).

Summary Advisory

Writer, rapper and producer Melissa Arnette Elliott will reportedly donate some of the proceeds from this disc to a non-profit group fighting domestic violence. Huh? Her greatest contribution would be to quit promoting violence in her music. Da Real World is an hour of obscene, angry posturing devoid of social conscience.

Bob Waliszewski
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