Who Is Mike Jones?


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Bob Smithouser
Jamie Maxfield

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Lines on numerous cuts promote a strong work ethic. On “5 Years From Now” Jones urges fans to vote, intends to keep God on his side and condemns teen pregnancy (“Kids havin’ kids/They too young to make babies”). He fawns over his late grandmother with the loving tribute “Grandma.” However …

Objectionable Content

What would Grandma think of Jones’s vocabulary? The disc is littered with f-words, s-words, racial slang and derogatory references to women. “Scandalous Hoes” complains that fame draws unscrupulous women, and advocates shooting them (“Aim the infrared beamer straight to they throat”). Similarly, “Back Then” gripes about once-indifferent girls who now drink his booze, smoke his weed and want casual sex. And would Grandma approve of his gun-toting (“Laws Patrolling”), “finger flippin’” (“Still Trippin’”) or drug-selling (“Turning Lane”)? Crass anatomical slang and selfish sexual shenanigans appear throughout. Thug violence gets the nod on a half-dozen raps, while dangerous substances range from alcohol and marijuana to “syrup” and cocaine. Other raps promote gaudy materialism (“Flossin,” “Screw That”).

Summary Advisory

Who is Mike Jones? To make sure no one forgets, every song on this disc mentions the rapper by name. If only arrogance was his worst offense.

Bob Smithouser
Jamie Maxfield
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