Wandering Spirit


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Bob Waliszewski

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Lyrics on “Use Me,” “Sweet Thing” and “Wired All Night” embrace sexual obsession (“We were at each other night and day . . . you were so sensual and so inventive” and “I’m as hard as a brick, hope I never go limp”). The title cut’s anti-religious sentiment leaves Jagger seeking direction while whining about being a lost and lonely soul. “Mother of a Man” talks of packing an Uzi and refers to a woman as “little bitch.” He also invites his ex to “stick a knife right in [his] chest.” “Evening Gown” and “Wired All Night” glorify drunkenness.

Summary Advisory

This Rolling Stone still hasn’t grown up, shouting and growling his way through songs of debauchery, pessimism and despair. And after all these years he still gets no satisfaction. Avoid this downer from an artist who should know better. (SEE ALSO: Rolling Stones, The)

Bob Waliszewski
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