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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

The band testifies to the vanity and emptiness of fame (“The Memory Remains”), and urges an innocent to impact this troubled world (“Where the Wild Things Are”).

Objectionable Content

“Better Than You” is wholly consumed by covetous pride and one-upmanship. On “Fixxxer,” the vocalist ponders the power of voodoo and grasps hopelessly for inner healing. Though he appears to be speaking figuratively, his desire to “kill” someone on “Attitude” lingers like a bad aftertaste. On a song sung from Satan’s perspective, the band invites young fans to join in the “Devil’s Dance” (“Let me make your mind, leave yourself behind/Be not afraid/I’ve got what you need, hunger I will feed”). An embittered “Fuel” includes the line, “F— ’em, man.” Amidst growling and yelling, the central figure on “Prince Charming” claims to be the source of pain, suffering, isolation, addiction, murder and suicide. Several tracks allude to drug use.

Summary Advisory

This angry, edgy band still has enough fan support to debut at number 1. Unfortunately, Reload once again fills the chamber with musical shells of dark, despairing torment.

Bob Waliszewski
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