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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Family Tree” explores the “living hell” endured by sexually abused children. “Addicted to Chaos” urges perseverance during difficult times.

Objectionable Content

The album cover alone speaks volumes. Inside, another offensive photo depicts Jesus wearing what looks like a crown of worms and the band’s tee-shirt. “Reckoning Day” mocks those who would “beg salvation from the empty skies.” This cut and “Train of Consequences” take pride in causing others pain. The muddled “Elysian Fields” blends biblical allusions with references to ancient mythology. The band expresses comfort in having “the devil by our side” on “Blood of Heroes.” Two profanities further darken this project.

Summary Advisory

One of the genre’s most popular acts, Megadeth assaults decency and good taste once again on Youthanasia. Fans of this musical style should give CCM acts Michael Sweet, Bride and Tamplin a listen.

Bob Waliszewski
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