Yourself or Someone Like You


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Isolated lines make an appeal for relational harmony (“Argue”), recognize the need for “amazing grace” (“Busted”) and acknowledge God as the source of hope (“Long Day”). But they don’t add up to much.

Objectionable Content

Profanities, including blasphemous uses of God’s name, fly through these songs like bottles in a barroom brawl. Speaking of which, alcohol use appears on “Kody” and “Girl Like That.” The latter also considers a bad romance better than none at all-a dangerous message for insecure teens desperate for acceptance. Despite a desire for close relationships, the singer broods over failures and frustrations that have gotten in his way (“Kody,” “Back 2 Good,” “Shame,” “Long Day,” “Girl Like That,” “D–n,” etc.). The group claims its MTV hit, “Push,” condemns lovers manipulating each other, but lines such as, “I wanna push you around . . . I wanna take you for granted” could easily send the opposite message.

Summary Advisory

Emptiness. Misery. Fans of this musical style would do better to sample the Christ-centered tunes of CCM artists Big Tent Revival or Third Day.

Bob Waliszewski
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