Holy Wood


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Bob Waliszewski

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Blasphemous CD art of a rotting, crucified Manson led some retailers to stock a tamer cover (pictured). Lyrically, the Almighty is threatened (“Godeatgod”), mocked (“Lamb of God”), maligned as hateful (“Burning Flag”) and said not to exist (“The Fight Song”). On the anti-church tirade “President Dead,” the singer states, “We don’t want to live forever/And we know that suffering is so much better.” When not viciously attacking the faith, he’s writhing in despair. Lines such as, “We are damned and we are dead,” “We have no future/Heaven wasn’t made for us” and “Some of us are really born to die/Flies are waiting” testify to the utter hopelessness he preaches. Gnarled tracks are further scarred by obscenities. The angst of “Disposable Teens” elevates self-loathing and sexual rebellion. On “Coma Black,” Manson threatens suicide “to make everybody pay.” He unloads on his critics and speaks of murder on “King Kill 33,” though it’s unclear exactly who the target is.

Summary Advisory

This shock rocker and self-appointed martyr for disenfranchised youth is pitifully confused. One minute he’s an atheist, the next he’s lashing out at the God he claims doesn’t exist. Kmart and Wal-Mart have refused to carry the unholy Holy Wood. Families should follow suit.

Bob Waliszewski
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