Marc Anthony


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A good woman’s love and support make it possible for the artist to fearlessly fall in love (“You Sang to Me”) and commit to long-term romance (“My Baby You”). “No One” pleads for a chance to make a lady’s dreams come true, while “Don’t Let Me Leave” longs for reconciliation in an existing relationship. The ballad “Love Is All” celebrates the universal passion and pain that makes exclusive love special (“The laughter and the tears that fall/ The mundane and the magical . . . the careless word, the healing touch”). The singer declines a woman’s sexual advances on “She’s Been Good to Me,” however . . .

Objectionable Content

A lustful Anthony has enjoyed a forbidden affair frequently in his thought life (“In my mind I’ve made love to you a thousand times/But that is where I draw the line”). “Am I the Only One” is plagued by an unclear marital context; either a husband and wife call it quits far too easily or an unmarried couple is living together.

Summary Advisory

Smooth, yearning ballads employ vocals that sound a lot like CCM’s Clay Crosse. They’re complemented by Latin rhythms with a Backstreet Boys flavor (“I Need to Know”), giving this New York-born singer/actor a mainstream appeal beyond his ethnic roots. Some good stuff. Still, while Anthony’s ardor may not be sexually explicit, discerning families won’t approve of where he “draws the line.”

Bob Waliszewski
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