G.O.A.T.: The Greatest of All Time


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Isolated lines advise against suicide (“Can’t Think”) and rebuke a woman for investing more in her hairdo than in her child’s education (“This Is Us”).

Objectionable Content

Everything else. Tracks glamorize drugs and alcohol. In the same breath, on the arrogant “LL Cool J,” this guy demeans women while bragging about himself (“I’m the best, platinum nine times in a row . . . Live the lifestyles so the average dime piece want to have my love child”). Sexual content includes graphic references to anatomy and behavior as he boasts of oral sex on a copy machine, multiple partners and more (“Imagine That”). Fellatio appears on “Farmers.” An ode to phone sex, “Hello” eavesdrops on a long-distance rendezvous which, to make matters worse, is between the married artist and a woman he states isn’t his girl. Erotica meets aggression when he advocates caging up lesbians (“LL Cool J”). Other violent lyrics range from “U Can’t F— with Me”’s “I kill ‘em in living color/. . . Your blood is on me,” to the wholesale anarchy of “Queens Is” (“Monotonous, murderous thoughts/When I’m plottin’ this, overthrow the government/ Burn the whole metropolis”). Obscenities from start to finish.

Summary Advisory

With a title like The Greatest of All Time, one might expect a “best of” collection. Nah. Just the incredible hubris of another foul-mouthed, violent, randy rapper who has the nerve to thank God in his liner notes. The CD will probably sell millions. Which just proves that, like a tin can-eating G.O.A.T., some music fans will consume anything.

Bob Waliszewski
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