La Bella Mafia


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A line on “Heavenly Father” says, “Creator of all things/I humble myself as I bow to the throne/I pray for love, joy, peace and happiness,” however …

Objectionable Content

There’s nothing humble about other lines on that cut (“I’m the reason b–ches want bigger breasts”). Obscene slang includes graphic anatomical references and explicit nods to intercourse, oral sex and masturbation. Kim even uses the f-word in a song title (“Can’t F— With Queen Bee”). Guest gangstaz make violent threats and rap about murder on “This Is a Warning,” “Thug Love” and “Get in Touch With Us,” which says, “I kill your mom and watch you stand there traumatized.” Alcohol and drugs range from champagne to cocaine (gin, marijuana, Bicardi, Cristal, hash, crack). “The Jump Off” makes Kim’s priorities clear: “You know what we about—sex, drugs and cash.” Immodest CD photos (including the one on the cover) reveal lots of skin as the artist strikes various titillating poses. On several self-important raps she brags about being the royalty of the genre. Elsewhere she esteems wealth above all else (“I’d rather be dead and rich than broke and living”).

Summary Advisory

This vile disc exists to shock and does a bang-up job of it. If the content (most of which is unprintable) doesn’t gall parents, the fact that Lil’ Kim thanks God and claims, “This album was overseen by the Almighty Himself” should. Fit La Bella Mafia with cement shoes.

Bob Waliszewski
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