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Bob Waliszewski

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Unflinchingly pornographic, the disc’s many explicit references to sex include the artist recalling anal sex from a promiscuous man (“Crush on You”) and oral sex (“Not Tonight,” “We Don’t Need It,” “Schemin'”). “Take It!” incorporates spoken obscenities as men brag about their libidinous conquests. Most tracks rely on the f-word and lewd anatomical slang. On “We Don’t Need It,” Kim resents her “date” for falling asleep before bringing her to climax, whereupon she is “forced” to masturbate. Three cuts deal in either drugs or alcohol. “M.A.F.I.A. Land,” one of several attempts by Kim to prove she can be as violent as male rappers, features murderous threats and gunshots.

Summary Advisory

Appropriately titled, Hardcore takes listeners on a seedy trek through rap’s red-light district-especially disturbing since the tour guide objectifies herself in graphic fashion. Sick and sad.

Bob Waliszewski
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