Crunk Juice


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Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Stray references paint God as a powerful force and the creator of life.

Objectionable Content

Disrespect on a massive scale. From cruelly pimping prostitutes (“Contract”) to slapping women who dare to think too highly of themselves (“B–ches Ain’t S—”), Lil’ Jon and his guests are out of control. One brags about shooting a rival gangsta in the head and watching the blood flow (“Get Crunk”). Beyond the numerous thug showdowns, raw language is spackled into every crack of every track. Obscenities. Blasphemies. Diseased anatomical slang. “Stick That Thing Out (Skeezer)” describes a woman into oral and group sex. The lewd “One Night Stand” glamorizes infidelity. Other cuts give play-by-play accounts of debauched behavior (“Lovers & Friends,” “In Da Club,” “Aww Skeet Skeet”) and defend Kobe Bryant’s illicit affair (“Grand Finale”). Dealing and using drugs is common (“Real N-gga Roll Call,” “Stop F—in’ With Me”). A liner photo shows rappers passed out amid empty bottles of beer and cans of Crunk Juice (the artist’s patented beverage, an energy drink mixed with hard liquor).

Summary Advisory

This vile pioneer of the crunk style plays up his gangsta-meets-the-club image. A long list of accomplices includes Ice Cube, Nas, R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Ludacris and comedian Chris Rock. Indefensible trash.

Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars
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