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U Gotta Feel Me


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Isolated lines condemn greed, express romantic affection, acknowledge blessings and thank fans for their support.

Objectionable Content

Flip talks about driving drunk (“Ain’t No N****”), smoking a lot of marijuana (“Sun Don’t Shine,” “Dem Boyz,” etc.) and selling crack (“All I Know,” “Where I’m From”). A teen looking for an excuse to drop out of school will find it on “What’s My Name”(“School didn’t pay so I started to rap”). Obscenities, racial slurs and explicit sexual slang are commonplace. Women are verbally denigrated. More than a half-dozen raps also brag about using and abusing “hos” in acts of vengeance against rival thugs. He puts faith in the vehicles he drives (“Check Let’s Ride”), his artistry and record sales (“Y’all Don’t Want It”),and the diamonds hanging around his neck (“Dem Boyz”). Things get violent on tracks such as “Ain’t No N****” (“I’m gonna try to blow your brains out”), “Represent” (“How you gonna walk and talk s— if I blow off your knees?”) and “All I Know” (“We roll with triggers/We kill you for figures”).

Summary Advisory

Houston native Wesley Weston fancies himself a smooth operator—a street hustler of everything from custom jerseys to crack cocaine. But he peddles nothing of value to young fans. He says of this project, “Every track makes you feel a different way.” Let’s see: Angry. Peeved. Repulsed. Vexed. Nah, just variations on a tired theme.

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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton