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Lead singer Jason Wade embraces life’s uncertainties on “Disarray,” while “Who We Are” notes that the revelations from those ups and downs can strengthen relationships. Eager to turn around a struggling romance, Wade pledges to do “Whatever It Takes” (“I know that I’ve let you down/ And if you give me a chance, believe that I can change/I’ll keep us together”). “First Time” expresses how it feels to be reinvigorated by true love. Several tracks contain spiritual overtones. While they may refer to a woman, “Storm,” “Broken” and “Make Me Over” are more likely addressed to God—pleas for strength, support and healing. “Easier to Be” praises someone for remaining consistent through a difficult time (“You didn’t give up on me/Let myself go/You were still there”). Although suicidal thoughts end on a positive note (“Turn around/Don’t throw it away”) …

Objectionable Content

The preceding misery is slathered on thick on “The Joke” (“Here’s to unhappy endings … My life is for the taking … I’m ending all this pain … Think to myself, Will I ever be missed? … This is my last day”).

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Despite changes in personnel since the band’s 2000 debut, Lifehouse has remained consistently positive. With one caveat, Who We Are is no different.

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