Young, Rich & Dangerous


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Bob Waliszewski

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Objectionable Content

Casual sex with multiple partners is a recurring theme (“Tonite’s the Night,” “Some Cut Up,” “It’s a Group Thang,” “Mackin’ Ain’t Easy,” etc.). “Tonite’s the Night,” which spent over a month as rap’s hottest single, recommends getting drunk, as does the title track. There’s nothing subtle about the come-on, “My whole thing is to get inside your body” (“Live and Die for Hip Hop”). On “Da Streets Ain’t Right,” the duo raps about toting a gun for defense. Frequent use of the n-word is inappropriate.

Summary Advisory

Remember when Kris Kross made it hip for kids to wear their pants backwards? But, at 16 and 17, the boys’ rebellion escalated to truly dangerous levels. Like rutting animals in a zoo, they proudly parade beastly hormonal urges before an adoring public. Kris Kross-and their handlers-should be ashamed.

Bob Waliszewski
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