Life Is Peachy


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Bob Waliszewski

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Objectionable Content

Explicit lyrics abound. “[email protected]#0%!” rattles off a dozen obscenities in succession for pure shock value. The f-word appears throughout this sick disc. On “Kill You,” lead growler Jonathan Davis uses grisly detail to express hatred for his stepmother, who he wants to see dead. He’s also bitter toward beloved children’s TV host “Mr. Rogers” (“What a f—ing neighbor/I hate you!”). Spewing blasphemous obscenities from start to finish, “Good God” appears to blame the Lord for an empty existence. Masturbation and sex with strangers are advocated on “A.D.I.D.A.S.,” which stands for “All Day I Dream About Sex.” The rap cut “Wicked” blends sex and violence.

Summary Advisory

Deserving of two explicit lyric stickers, Life Is Peachy is pure trash. Davis, a horror film buff, enrolled in mortuary college and was recently quoted as saying, “I just got off on cutting people open. I could do things that serial killers did and get paid for it.” His statement reflects this album’s nasty disposition. Don’t let teens feed on Korn.

Bob Waliszewski
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