Kirk Franklin and the Family


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

From simple praise and worship choruses to electrifying urban “salvation celebrations,” this disc seeks to glorify God and introduce people to the Savior. “Why We Sing” testifies that Christ is the reason for the group’s rejoicing. Other songs point to Him as a help in times of trouble (“Call on the Lord,” “He Can Handle It,” “He’s Able”) and cherish His worth (“Silver and Gold,” “Speak to Me,” “Real Love” and others).

Objectionable Content


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This project was released in1993, but didn’t hit the mainstream until more than a year later when one secular radio station played “Why We Sing.” Others followed. The self-titled effort penetrated pop’s Top-100, and was the first traditional gospel album to hit R&B’s Top-10 since Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace in 1972. It may have taken a year and a half, but Kirk Franklin and his seventeen backup singers have become an overnight sensation with uncompromising messages that exalt Jesus-not a watered-down attempt to attain pop success. True crossover that takes the cross over!

Bob Waliszewski
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