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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

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Pro-Social Content

Love and devotion are central to “Glow,” “Sugar Honey Ice Tea” and “Marathon.” On “Millionaire” she asks, “What’s a girl to do in a world of greed but kneel and pray?” Spirituality fuels optimism on “Rolling Through the Hood,” which chides listeners for “forgetting who God is” and reminds them that He cares. On “Keep It Down,” Kelis tells a potential lover, “Soft porn doesn’t do it for me/I don’t like sex and drugs.” However …

Objectionable Content

She’s still looking for a one-night stand. The teasing “Intro” uses sound effects to imply oral sex. Crass anatomical slang and profanity appear on several tracks. “Millionaire” refers to women as “b–ches.” Kelis repeats a suitor’s physical come-ons (“Protect My Heart”), and uses a beverage and a robbery as sexual metaphors (“Milkshake” and “Stick Up,” respectively). “In Public” examines an impatient couple’s public eroticism, including fellatio while driving, and looking to duck into a bathroom for intercourse. Nas guests on the cut, which also endorses marijuana.

Summary Advisory

This project is as two-sided as an old vinyl record. Some positive moments exist. Sadly, 23-year-old Kelis Rogers poisons sweet R&B/soul with explicit sexuality and Tasty’s bitter side prevails. Not a platter worth sampling.

Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton
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