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Bob Smithouser
Jeremy Lees

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Home” is defined as feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, thanks to the support of loved ones. On “Each Other” McPhee thanks her man for a liberating love that has grown in hard times. Cads get their walking papers (“Over It,” “Better Off Alone,” “Not Ur Girl,” “Neglected”), and the singer warns girls to steer clear of a guy who’s trouble (“Dangerous”).

Objectionable Content

Isolated lines imply physical intimacy (“Not Ur Girl”), desire revenge (“Dangerous”) and use a mild profanity (“Better Off Alone”). To feel better about herself and draw men, a flirtatious McPhee breaks out the credit card for “hot” clothing and accessories (“Nothing feels better than spending my treasure on me”). Dancing at a club turns into a sensual plea for something far more intimate on the disc’s low point, “Do What You Do” (“I can’t wait no more/I’m lusting/You’re a big boy, why can’t we rush it? … Stop the talking ’cause my body’s calling”). An immodest liner photo shows cleavage.

Summary Advisory

Last season’s American Idol runner-up scored with viewers by crooning show tunes and old standards. The pop vocal stylings on her self-titled debut sound like Beyoncé one minute and Sheena Easton the next, which is an enjoyable departure until Katharine McPhee unleashes her sultry side.

Bob Smithouser
Jeremy Lees
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