400 Degreez


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content


Objectionable Content

A relentless barrage of f-words leads the assault. Guns, gang warfare and a homicidal swagger appear on “Ha,” “Gone Ride with Me,” “U.P.T.,” “Welcome 2 the Nolia,” “Ghetto Children” and “Run for It.” On two of those tracks, the rapper threatens to slit people’s throats. He also talks of knocking out a woman’s teeth (“Ha”). References to women as “b–ches” and “hos”(whores) are common, often amidst misogynistic sexual boasting. “Rich N-ggas” includes a graphic description of sexual activity. A man claims to be a woman’s pimp, as well as the sexual partner of her “sisters, aunties, grandmas and cousins”(“Off Top”). “Juvenile on Fire” finds the artist arranging with a buddy to share sex partners as casually as they might exchange drags on a cigarette. Lyrics also use crass anatomical slang in describing oral sex, masturbation and foreplay. Alcohol, marijuana and crack cocaine are staples in this rapper’s dangerous diet (“You about to go buy you a gram [and] treat your nose,” “Smoke a pound, pop the Crystal and drink somethin’,” etc.).

Summary Advisory

Drugs. Alcohol. Lewd sexuality. Violent threats. Obscene language. As you’re making your list and checking it twice, cross off requests for 400 Degreez. Even the Grinch would be repulsed by this trash.

Bob Waliszewski
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