Trial by Fire


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

“Message of Love” cries out for relational reconciliation. Lead singer Steve Perry pledges to help a woman pick up the pieces of a failed romance (“If He Should Break Your Heart”). Elsewhere, he uses biblical metaphors in a musical prayer for help during a “Trial by Fire,” and condemns shallow faith in God (“Easy to Fall”). While “Don’t Be Down on Me Baby” warns partners not to be critical of one another, “Castles Burning” reminds listeners that the glamor of beauty, fame and passion can be empty. Falling in love is described as “a joy that lasts forever” on the band’s AC radio staple, “When You Love a Woman.”

Objectionable Content


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Adults familiar with Journey’s ’80s résumé (which includes the hits “Open Arms” and “Who’s Crying Now”) will be impressed with this modern resurrection-one likely to bridge a musical chasm in some homes. A driving sound that’s also lyrically sound. (SEE ALSO: Perry, Steve)

Bob Waliszewski
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