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Kristin Smith

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The Album is here. 

No, really. That’s the name of the Jonas Brothers’ new album, released in May 2023. It’s their sixth studio album, and it features a mixture of ’70s groove, pop and a touch of rock. Many of the tracks show off the wide range of vocals that brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas are belting out. And this time around they’re singing about each of their wives. 

This isn’t necessarily a new topic for these New Jersey natives, but it is one that is focused on more closely this time around as the brothers talk about both the friction of marriage as well as express the love, gratitude and attraction they have for their wives. 


If this album does anything, it reiterates that each of the brothers love their wives and considers them to be their best friends, their confidants and the ones they come to for support. 

In “Miracle” it says that a wife is the “rock for me to stand on” and in “Sail Away,” a wife is represented as a safe harbor for her husband. Similar thoughts are shared on “Walls”. 

“Waffle House” recognizes that marriage is hard and that “some nights we try to kill each other” but in the end, it’s “always love.” “Celebrate!” recognizes that marriage is hard, but that working through the ups and downs of life together is worth celebrating. 

Another praiseworthy mention is the romantic love and affection these men have for their wives. In “Summer Baby” a man sings “I’m still catching feelings for you” after years of being married. 

One of the brothers sings about the beauty and wonder of his new baby daughter in “Little Bird.” 


While the love that the Jonas Brothers have for their wives is obvious and often represented beautifully, it can also be a bit risque. A few tracks do far more than hint at sex: They talk directly about it and leave little up to the imagination. 

“Miracle” talks about all the places that a woman’s hands can go. “Vacation Eyes” says that a man will “make love” to his wife anywhere. while “Summer In The Hamptons” talks graphically about sex. 

Another popular topic here is smoking marijuana, which we hear on “Americana,” “Montana Sky” and “Vacation Eyes” (“Dutchie in my left hand”). The brothers also talk about partying and drinking alcohol, sometimes until they’re inebriated on “Summer Baby” (“too much tequila, no we’re dancing in the lobby”). 

The s-word is bleeped out in “Waffle House”. 


Isn’t it nice to hear other people express that marriage is both hard and wonderful?  Because it is. And this is something that the Jonas Brothers focus on. 

While the difficulties of marriage aren’t necessarily discussed in detail, the brothers make it clear that each of them has walked through battles and trials with their wives, and that they have all come out stronger on the other side. They also talk about how much they love their wives, how they find them to be their place of refuge and how time has made their relationships sweeter. 

These are all beautiful, wonderful sentiments that many can relate to. But that doesn’t make this entire album family friendly. There are more than a few references to smoking marijuana and drinking, as well as one bleeped-out apparent s-word. We also get plenty of references to sex. And while those references are made in the context of marriage (and sex in marriage is a beautiful thing), their descriptions can be pretty graphic.

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