Heavier Things


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Mayer sees value in an unhurried, family oriented existence (“Home Life”) and cherishes time spent with a loved one (“Clarity”). “Something’s Missing” unintentionally gives Christian teens an example of the emptiness felt by someone who hasn’t filled his God-shaped hole. A desire to rehabilitate strained romances is the focus of “Wheel” and “Only Heart.” “Daughters” warns parents—dads in particular—not to abuse the significant place they occupy in a little girl’s life. The hit “Bigger Than My Body” looks to the future with a sense of optimism, however …

Objectionable Content

That track repeats a mild profanity. Mayer asks, “Is there a God?” on “New Deep,” but then tells himself that it’s pointless pondering. An unfortunate line on “Home Life” leaves the door open to no-fault divorce (“If it doesn’t work out/Give her half of my stuff”). “Come Back to Bed” fails to establish a marital context.

Summary Advisory

“Daughters” makes a strong social statement, but most of Mayer’s mellow, Sting-like meandering on Heavier Things is lyrically lightweight. Fortunately, the trouble spots won’t leave much of a mark either, especially if families take time to talk through them together.

Bob Waliszewski
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