Hood Hop


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Cuts reference Romans 3:23 (“Morning Light”) and pledge love to a lady (“You & Me”). “They Ask Me” shows respect for God’s name and tells fans to hug their loved ones.

Objectionable Content

Even tracks that shed a little light have big problems. F-words and other obscenities abound. J-Kwon entertains violent fantasies and glamorizes gunplay on several raps, including the hit “Tipsy.” On that single, he smokes a blunt, gets drunk and jokes about underage alcohol use. “Underwear” focuses on a debauched party involving sex—with a community stash of condoms—pot and booze (“Ain’t nobody old enough to drink, but ain’t nobody sober”). The cut also finds the rapper getting a teenage girl liquored up and trying to have rough sex with her. Women get called “b–ch” and “whore.” Explicit, misogynist references to oral sex inhabit “Hood Hop,” “Tipsy,” “Show Your A–” and “IC IC.” He brags about having lots of money and cars.

Summary Advisory

At 17, high school dropout Jerrell Jones has already peddled drugs, fathered at least two children out of wedlock and had his jaw broken by rival thugs. His music relies on raw language, lewd behavior and getting high. That’s not much to brag about, though J-Kwon proudly considers himself the future of young America and a role model to be reckoned with.

Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton
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