This Way


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Sarcasm drives home the point that it’s foolish to “Serve the Ego.” “I Won’t Walk Away” wants to make a difference in a world containing “small children full of violence.” “The New Wild West” rails against selfish leadership in America, slamming Clinton’s “rock star” mentality. On “Till We Run Out of Road,” a woman cherishes time with friends and enjoys a “beautiful life,” however . . .

Objectionable Content

That track employs several profanities, including an s-word. With cynical skepticism, “Jesus Loves You” challenges positive conventional wisdom on issues such as religion and abortion (the latter fails to distinguish between civil pro-lifers and violent radicals). A nun retires to “have her some fun” on “Everybody Needs Someone Sometime,” presumably in the sexual arena. It’s unclear what Jewel means by the line “I’m sorry that Jesus died for my sins/And I swear to God it won’t happen again,” but it lacks true remorse in the CD’s greater context (“Sometimes It Be That Way”). She wants to stay in bed with her boyfriend (“This Way”) and surrenders her body to a man (“Break Me”).

Summary Advisory

Jewel Kilcher has a history of filtering Christian imagery through her own cryptic, increasingly suspect theology. Fans get more spiritual confusion here. Toss in profanity and sexual immorality and Jewel loses her luster.

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Bob Waliszewski