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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Jewel Kilcher longs for a brave man who knows his heart (“Kiss the Flame”). She empathizes with the self-conscious insecurities of an overweight child (“Fat Boy”). On “Hands, “the artist values all of mankind, denounces worry and idleness, and applauds faith, prayer, kindness and standing up for what’s right. “Life Uncommon” challenges listeners to make their lives count. Jewel calls on God for comfort in the midst of loneliness and fear (“Barcelona”). Devotion for her man drives “Absence of Fear.” “Innocence Maintained” tells people to take care of one another . . .

Objectionable Content

But it’s marred by a vulgar expression and a line suggesting that man’s godhood lies within. In stark contrast to John 3:16, Jewel claims to have met an angel “who said she saw no one worth saving anywhere” (“Down So Long”).

Summary Advisory

The appeal of this project lies in Jewel’s tender vocals and thoughtful insights into human nature. And she has a lot of positive things to say. Still, a few theological hiccups may inspire some families to explore the equally strong stylings of CCM newcomer Nicole Nordeman instead.

Bob Waliszewski
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