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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Everything You Want” warns against greed and materialism. In romance, time heals wounds (“Dear Goodbye”), and cautious loners must take risks to know love and emotional intimacy (“Build My World”). “Mercy” asks God for favor with a woman, but …

Objectionable Content

The singer’s lust has him equally willing to break the law or sell his soul to the devil. “Some Girls (Dance With Women)” finds Chasez downing drinks at a club, watching girls use pseudo-lesbian grinding to attract men. His sexual obsession ranges from casual propositions (“Something Special”) to sleazy play-by-play (“100 Ways,” “All Day Long I Dream About Sex”). “One Night Stand” is punctuated by orgasmic groaning. JC’s ogling of women on the dance floor leads to sex on “Shake It” and “Blowing Me Up (With Her Love).”“If You Were My Girl” describes an “electric” female and what he wants to do to her. Wine fuels romance on “Right Here (By Your Side).” Other cuts laud masturbation (“Come to Me”), and describe an addictive love by using drug and alcohol metaphors (“Lose Myself”).

Summary Advisory

Fans of ‘N Sync’s bubblegum pop are in for a shock. Joshua Scott Chasez has morphed into a leering, clubbing letch. Families have already waved “Bye, Bye, Bye” to Justin Timberlake. They should do the same to buddy JC.

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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton