The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Jay-Z wants to treat his mom to a vacation (“All Around the World”).

Objectionable Content

As if trying to bait Christians, rappers claim to be “the Holy Trinity of hip-hop” (“The Watcher 2”) and say that Jesus got stoned daily (“A Dream”). The drug references don’t stop there. Not only does the artist promote the consumption of alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, but he also gives fans a primer on smuggling narcotics past police dogs on “N-gga Please.” In this musical genre, drugs rarely make the scene without guns, which appear in the form of Techs, Glocks, Macks, hammers, gats and a “.45 cannon.” Violent threats include “[I] got the whole BK ready to kill with me”(“What They Gonna Do”) and “I leave your blood squirting”(“Poppin’ Tags”). “F— All Night” finds the rapper meeting for casual sex with a woman committed to another man, then telling her to invite a friend next time for a three-way. Crass sexual and anatomical slang is compounded by a severe disrespect for women. “Blueprint 2” is one of several tracks that brag about Jay-Z’s skill, fame or industry clout.

Summary Advisory

On “The Watcher 2” a guest boasts, “I’m rated R. My brain contains graphic things.” That makes him of like mind with everyone on this diseased double disc.

Bob Waliszewski
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