J.E. Heartbreak


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

After years together, a couple is ready to commit for life on “Let’s Get Married” (“Meet me at the altar . . . Let’s start a family”). The singer, accused of unfaithfulness, attests to his fidelity (“Did She Say,” “Promise”). “Keys to the Range” subtly implies that it takes more than wealth to make a romance work, but . . .

Objectionable Content

That song and others employ mild or partially censored profanities. The worst offender, “Girl Is Mine,” refers to women as “b–ches” and boasts of hit-and-run sexual encounters. Hormonal lyrics also state, “You lust for me/We end up making love” (“What You Tryin’ to Do”), “Your clothes, just lose ’em/All you need is the things you was born with to get it on” (“Lace You”) and “Hope she got a body good and ready for this session” (“Healing”). Despite an opening line that claims, “I don’t need no sex,” the artist offers a woman an evening of alcohol, R-rated movies and intercourse on “Can I Get with You” (“I will fulfill all of your dreams/We can ride all night long if you want”).

Summary Advisory

The smooth-tongued foursome deserves credit for digitally censoring the disc’s harshest language. But apart from a few pledges of devotion, these guys dedicate lots of lyrical energy to libidinous pursuits. Lines by guest rapper Ja Rule even smack of misogyny. Such sexuality is all the reason teens need to step back from the Edge.

Bob Waliszewski
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