Jagged Little Thrill


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Head of Household” recognizes the need for masculine leadership and teamwork in a marriage. On “Without You,” the singer expresses romantic love. Best of all, “No Respect” issues an unwavering call for men to honor women, take responsibility as dads, and refuse to resort to domestic violence (“Fellas, we gotta make a change”).

Objectionable Content

The profanities are mild for an R&B disc, but they’re there. Alcohol—specifically Hennessy, Bacardi, Cristal and Dom Perrignon—flows through many tracks. One of them, “Where the Party At,” finds rapper Nas boasting, “We buyin’ bottles until there ain’t none left.” The ends justify the means on “This Goes Out,” a tribute to drug dealers and prostitutes willing to do whatever it takes to pay the rent and feed the kids. Elsewhere, sexual content gets fairly explicit with talk of oral stimulation and orgasmic screams. Of primary concern to these guys is whether a woman will put out sexually (“Cut Something”). Lines on the level of “Girl, I’ll turn your body inside out and bring ecstasy” fuel an arrogant sexual proposition (“I Got It”).

Summary Advisory

Kyle Norman, Richard Wingo, and twin brothers Brian and Brandon Casey each got started by singing at church youth festivals. That explains “No Respect” and “Head of Household.” So what’s with the rest of Jagged Little Thrill? The disc’s zealous affection for sex and alcohol (occasionally both at once) betray the band’s true passions.

Bob Waliszewski
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