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Kiss of Death


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Realizing he may die young, a thug makes provisions for his son on “By Your Side.” “U Make Me Wanna” praises a good woman. “I’m Goin Back” says, “I don’t go to church much/But I need it a lot … The older I get/The Bible starts to make more sense.” Isolated lines ask relevant questions about human nature (“Why”) and claim that love overpowers hate (“Welcome to D-Block”).

Objectionable Content

“Why” accuses George W. Bush of “knocking down the towers” on 9/11. “Welcome to D-Block” describes violence and vice characteristic of the worst section of Yonkers. Jadakiss promotes violent aggression with lines including, “Don’t make me put your heart in your lap” (“Time’s Up”) and “Pop him in the head ’til his brains start to fizz” (“Shoot Outs”). “Air It Out” alludes to a mass murder. Obscenities and nasty slang pop up like targets in a first-person shooter video game. “Hot Sauce to Go” describes a man’s plans for a one-night stand. There’s also casual sex (“Gettin’ It In”) and misogynist relations (“Shine”). Marijuana is the drug of choice, often paired with alcohol. Spirituality and violence tango awkwardly. Jadakiss refers to himself as divine (“Intro,” “Kiss of Death,” “Hot Sauce to Go”) and proclaims judgment on his enemies (“Shoot Outs”).

Summary Advisory

Jason Phillips (aka Jadakiss) travels the same seedy back alleys as his gangsta peers, adding insult to injury by calling himself God. On July 4, [2004], he and his posse got busted on drug and weapons charges when police caught them shooting off fireworks from their car. Hmm. You’d think the “Almighty” would’ve seen that coming.

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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton