Shaming of the Sun


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A line on “Leeds” sympathizes with the victims of racially motivated church burnings.

Objectionable Content

The band’s pro-lesbian agenda blatantly manifests itself in these lyrics. “It’s Alright” addresses anti-gay bigotry and calls for tolerance. “Don’t Give That Girl a Gun” describes a strained romance between two females. On “Burn All the Letters,” the singer relates an affair she had with a married woman. One song actually uses religious lingo to recount lesbian passion (“I’m speaking in tongues handling you/I got religion”) (“Shed Your Skin”). Reminiscence of a female houseguest causes the singer to recall “the sweat of our sadness and the twist of the sheets” (“Caramia”). She also admits to being “halfway drunk” on “Leeds.” There’s one use of the f-word (“Shame on You”).

Summary Advisory

Homosexual propaganda abounds. Even love songs not expressly about gay relationships will be interpreted that way in light of Sun‘s greater context. In an age of sexual confusion among teens, this disc can only do more damage.

Bob Waliszewski
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