Voyage to India


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

The artist tells men to treat their partners with the same respect they’d show to their mothers (“Talk to Her”). Humility helps her value the “Little Things” in life. She prays for patience and tells a too-busy world to “Slow Down.” Unforgiveness is said to be a hindrance to healing on “Get It Together.” Sung from the perspective of a woman widowed prematurely, “Good Man” remembers a loving, sacrificial husband and father. A sincerely spiritual woman, India thanks the Lord for imperfections that give Him room to work in her life (“Gratitude”), credits God with having a mate in mind for her (“The One”), and sees in nature many reasons to believe that “God Is Real.” “Beautiful Surprise,” “Headed in the Right Direction,” “Complicated Melody” and “Can I Walk With You” are sweet, innocent love songs.

Objectionable Content

Reincarnation mars “The Truth.” The liner notes thank “spirit guides and spirit teachers.”

Summary Advisory

India.Arie displays a kind heart, a love of virtue and a degree of spiritual insight. If not for a few flaky New Age beliefs, her Voyage would be smooth sailing.

Bob Waliszewski
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