Hilary Duff


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Bob Smithouser
Rhonda Handlon

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A dreamer is told to pursue deep longings on “Fly.” Secrets and protective barriers must disappear for love to mature on “Hide Away.” Duff is comfortable with herself despite being a mess of adolescent contradictions (“I Am”). “Shine” thanks a friend for providing a stable source of comfort when life gets hard (“I know you’ll be there when I’m hanging by a thread/You’re my heaven sent”).

Objectionable Content

While not morally off-base, several songs overflow with teen angst, bitter about relational headaches. “Someone’s Watching Over Me” isn’t as spiritual as it sounds. Rather, it tells fans to follow the internal compass of their hearts, unwise according to Jeremiah 17:9.

Summary Advisory

These 17 tracks boast more of an edge than her debut, Metamorphosis, but Hilary Duff doesn’t swerve too wildly from her pop roots. She knows her audience. A few mild concerns, but another fairly harmless effort.

Bob Smithouser
Rhonda Handlon
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