Beg for Mercy


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Bob Waliszewski

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A thug’s best friend is his handgun on “My Buddy,” which brags about perpetrating a fatal drive-by. That hostile spirit inhabits a dozen other cuts with lines such as “[I’ll] put the pipe to your melon and your brains on the pavement”(“G-Unit”), “I’m smokin’ n-ggas like Cuban cigars”(“Beg for Mercy”) and “Kill or be killed is the attitude I got” (“Footprints”). There are even violent threats against women. Drugs and alcohol show up in the form of blunts, Bicardi, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy and Crystal. Kinky casual sex ranges from a night of oral stimulation (“G-Unit”) to a lascivious threesome (“Baby U Got”). On “Groupie Love,” the rapper invites a girl to service him sexually before doing the same for Dr. Dre and Eminem. The f-word appears throughout, often as a crass term for intercourse. Women are called “b–ches” and “hos.” Mentions of God and the Bible imply that a homicidal man is tight with the Almighty regardless of his lifestyle (“When times get hard and s— hits the fan/God don’t walk with me, He carry me”).

Summary Advisory

Last year’s best-selling artist, 50 Cent, brings several buddies along for a ride up the charts. Nearly 70 minutes of vicious, drug-infested, sexually explicit trash.

Bob Waliszewski
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