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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

The singer realizes he’s better off without a bitter partner who drags him down (“Faceless,” “I Stand Alone”). He wants to escape a “living hell” and find purpose, but …

Objectionable Content

He isn’t confident that an answer exists, and is prepared to “go down in flames” (“Make Me Believe”). As one might suspect, “I F—ing Hate You” is an obscene, venomous rant. The vocabulary may change, but that hostility creeps into other tracks. Animosity spurs a man to get rid of the offending person on “Changes” (“It’s time to kiss your a– goodbye”). Internal struggles are resolved through “anger and hate” (“Release the Demons”). Also, the artist is content to “drown in a self-induced confusion” (“Realign”). Apparently sung from the devil’s perspective, “I Am” tells a weary soul, “I am your lighted way … Just consider me your friend” (such whispers do occur, but the lyricist seems unaware that they’re always rooted in spiritual deception).

Summary Advisory

Angry. Empty. Confused. Stickered. Sully Erna, lead vocalist for this Boston-based metal band, told Kerrang!, “It’s so funny being a musician and being successful in music—it’s like you get a pass to be an idiot or a expletive] freak.” If you haven’t already revoked Godsmack’s “idiot pass,” now would be a good time.

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Bob Waliszewski