The Bachelor


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

The best of this disc is neutral. Two songs explore the pain of unfaithfulness and romantic breakups.

Objectionable Content

One sexual come-on after another. “Pony” features innuendo (with a western theme) as it describes intercourse. This rutting artist propositions a woman he doesn’t even know (“Tell Me Do You Wanna”) and expects sex in return for having spent some money on a date (“I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry”). A female rapper asks for anal sex on “Holler.” Ginuwine, in an endorsement of the gangsta lifestyle, states, “Only real Gs roll with me” (“When Doves Cry”). Alcohol use-and possibly drug use-infect several cuts.

Summary Advisory

At times, he sounds a little like Michael Jackson, Prince or Boyz II Men. But layering velvety vocals atop these lyrics is like reupholstering an electric chair. This may be an 18-track CD, but Ginuwine has a one-track mind . . . sex. Fans of this musical genre should give Christian artists Troy Johnson and Take 6 a spin.

Bob Waliszewski
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