The Life of Chris Gaines


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

A woman’s decision to jump on a plane and rendezvous with a secret admirer is deemed imprudent (“Unsigned Letter”). “Right Now” lobbies for brotherly love and communication, and ponders the elusiveness of peace by saying, “Maybe it’s the movies, maybe it’s the books/ . . . Maybe it’s the Bible, or could it be the lack?” Brooks fiddles with vocal styles similar to Kenny Loggins and a Kansas/Paul McCartney hybrid on the love songs “Lost in You” and “My Love Tells Me So,” respectively. He reflects fondly on past romance (“That’s the Way I Remember It”), struggles to understand the fairer sex (“Way of the Girl”) and urges his woman to stay and work through difficulties (“White Flag,” “It Don’t Matter to the Sun”). An aging millionaire learns that his much younger wife only loved him for his money-a sobering lesson about trust, true love and materialism (“Digging for Gold”).

Objectionable Content

Several sexually-charged photos lurk in the CD booklet.

Summary Advisory

Garth went to great lengths to create the mini-goateed Gaines, an Australian alias complete with phony discography and personal history. The character may even see life on the big screen next year. Whatever the future holds for Chris Gaines, we’d sure love to see his lyrical positivity rub off on Brooks. No alcohol. No sexual exploits. No crimes of passion. Lose the liner notes and it’s a disc families can feel good about.

Bob Waliszewski
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