All the Pain Money Can Buy


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Damaged Goods” and “Out of My Head” regret mistakes that strained relationships. Optimism characterizes “Better Than It Was,” however . . .

Objectionable Content

Other tracks complain about confusion (“Fire Escape”), claim that life is meaningless (“Nowhere Road”), and preach the virtues of drugs and alcohol (“Which Way to the Top?,” “G.O.D. – Good Old Days,” “Charlie the Methadone Man”). On “The Way,”a couple abandons their children for one last, irresponsible fling, from which they never return. The singer tells someone, “I wanna see you dead/Laying in the muddy ground/You’re nothing to me” (“Slow Drag”).

Summary Advisory

Fastball throws fans of their upbeat rock rhythms a major curve with heavy-handed lyrics and dark themes. A few hits, but most of the band’s messages roll foul.

Bob Waliszewski
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