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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

On “Free,” Hill recalls having a poor self-image as a child, and developing confidence thanks to faith and angelic comfort. Reaching out to a similarly afflicted person trying to quell pain with pills, Hill offers encouragement and prayer support (“If You’re Gonna Fly Away”). She appreciates her partner’s transparency, and thanks him for making her feel safe and “Beautiful.” “This Is Me” finds the singer regretting her faults (selfishness, defensiveness, etc.) while sharing her passions (love for Jesus, and concern for her parents and homeless people). She wants to “make the world a better place” on “I Think I Will.” A departed loved one is nearby in spirit on “You’re Still Here.” “One” longs to restore intimacy to a too-busy relationship.

Objectionable Content

On “Stronger,” people fall out of love (it’s either the parting of an unwed couple who slept together, or spouses divorcing). Two mild profanities pop up. Liner photos of Hill in clingy wet clothes will create an undesirable distraction for teen guys.

Summary Advisory

Mrs. Tim McGraw’s tunes delight in virtue, personal redemption and selfless love. Only minor glitches, thematically. More modest CD photos would have been a plus. Enjoy the music. Toss the liner notes.

Bob Waliszewski
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